Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's time to lose your mind and let the crazy out

Last night, I received an email from my good friend Bre (of BreBeauty) urging me to watch and review Ke$ha's new video, Blow.


As usual, Bre was spot on; this video is ahhhhmazing and weird and on crack.

Unicorns. Muenster cheese. Rainbow guns. Shoot-outs. And best of all, pack member James Van der Beek. I don't think I could ask for more.

The sheer awesome-ness of video does the beg the question regarding Ke$ha's candidacy in the pack. I've avoided the topic because I'm so torn about the musical stylings of Ke-dollarsign-Ha.

Most pop stars come on the scene and they are so fresh and so clean, clean. And innocent. And probably only wearing tinted moisturizer and some clear mascara. I'm talking about Brit in Baby One More Time. And Christina in Genie in a Bottle. Its only after years of experience in the business that they start wearing body paint and glitter and singing about sex and dating Jake Gyllenhaal and breaking up with Jake Gyllenhaal and arriving on red carpets drunk.

Ke$ha skipped over the virginal newbie image and went straight for the edge. She's already hard. Already tainted. Already drunk.

This disruption of the circle of celebrity life bothered me at first. But I'm starting to warm to Ke$ha's effed up, glittery ways. She's not partying and drinking to escape the prison that is spotlight. She's partying and owning the spotlight. I respect it.

That, and her songs are just so damn catchy.

What are your thoughts? Should Ke$ha be in the pack? Should Vanderdouche be nominated for Pack secretary or something? And muenster cheese? Is it as awesome as they say?


  1. I just don't understand it...I feel like I took an Ambien when I watch it. I'm not a "I'm so money theres a dollar sign in my name" fan of Ke$ha. In fact, I want to spell her name as Kesha to piss her off haha I do like that she skipped right over pristine virgin and right into edgy clubwear, but homegirl needs to run a comb through her hair and do something about her skanky makeup, she's got people (inexplicably) watching.

  2. I don't like Kesha. (I'm defying the dollar sign for you, Bre.) I think she's just trying so hard to be weird, it's just as bad as someone who tries so hard to be cool.

  3. i have to admit....i kinda really like ke$sha. and this is by far dawsons best work