Friday, April 29, 2011

7:22 AM EDT: Carriage Rides

I'm totally loving the carriage ride.  If you ask me, this is the best part of the wedding so far: all the trappings of the British monarch, with the people of England so happy and excited and William and Kate finally looking joyful and relaxed.

The greatest subplot of the whole wedding seems to be Harry and Pippa (who would make a lovely couple and have definitely made out before).  Pippa looked phenomenal today.  Her clean, simple white dress was perfect (loved the buttons and short sleeves) and seemed genuinely happy and excited to have Kate be the star.  As a younger sister, it is usually our nature to love attention, so I honor her commitment to her sister.  Harry, as usual, seems to be the clown.  But what I love is that Harry got assigned to the kid's carriage for the ride back to Buckingham Palace.

xo kate

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