Monday, April 4, 2011

I too suffer from this affliction

In elementary school, my teachers would call my parents in for a meeting and gently inquire if "things were okay at home." The reason for this prodding was that I seemed to be sullen and/or angry at times...when I thought no one was paying attention.

Little did they know, I suffer from bitchface. To this day, if I don't smile enough, people think I'm pissed or that something is amiss. Luckily, someone has put together a PSA on chronic bitchface.

Kristaomic writes: Just doing my bit to spread awareness for this common, but little understood condition. Thousands around the world are affected by chronic bitchface, with sufferers having to endure being told to “SMILE” and “cheer up” by well meaning, but irritating strangers. There is no known cure.



  1. i totes have bitchface. and when people tell me to smile, i want to bitchslap them.

  2. I LOVE this!! I've been told my expressionless face comes across as a bitch face too! I'm glad there are more of us out there, strength in numbers.

    This is just my face, but thanks asshat.

  3. omg. I forgot how much I love the word asshat.