Friday, April 22, 2011

Kate: The Crag

I need to own a piece of the Aggro Crag.  Not a want, but a need.

That's right, the Aggro Crag.  As in the "Aggro meaning AGGRESSIVE and crag meaning ROCK" Aggro Crag.  Also known as the Mega Crag or, in some circles, the Super Crag.
The Crag.
For those of you who didn't grow up in the early nineties, or who lived in a hole, the Aggro Crag is the final competitive event on Nickelodeon's sports-theme kids game show, GUTS, hosted by Mike O'Malley, now of Glee fame and Moira "Mo" Quirk, now a head referee in the WNBA. (Okay, I made that up. I don't think Mo did anything after GUTS.)  The three contestants race up the mountain, battling blinding glitter blizzards, avalanches of foam rocks and something called nuclear flying crystals.  The thing was also in a constant cloud of dry ice and seemingly only lit by strobe lights.  Basically it was like a Seaside Heights nightclub.  The Aggro Crag climb was the fifth and final event and worth the most points in the GUTS, serving as the crown jewel in the competition.  As such, the GUTS winner (allegedly) got a glowing trophy designed to look like a piece of the mountain.

Where's this girl now and why isn't
she selling me her piece of the Crag?
Since college, I have been scouring the internet searching for a piece of the Crag.  I'd like it mostly as a conversation piece, you know, something for the coffee table.  I'm not going to lie to you, though, I think it would help with getting dates as well.  Who wouldn't go out with someone who actually owned a piece of the Crag?  Who wouldn't go home with them to see it?  Is this just me?

At any rate, I've spent more hours than I care to admit on eBay searching for someone selling a genuine Crag trophy.  I figured that since GUTS was on for a long time there would be lots of 20-somethings looking to unload their piece of the GUTS empire for some quick cash.  No such luck.  I once saw someone claiming to be selling theirs for $35,000, but that seemed like it must be some sort of trick. (Also, I'm pretty desperate to use genuine Crag-related pick-up lines, but not $35,000 desperate.) Another time I stumble upon (read: search aggressively for) a blog that claimed the contestants on the show did not actually get to keep their piece of the Crag, it was just the same trophy with a different kid holding it every week.  This was a huge disappointment, but I'm not entirely willing to believe it's true.  If anyone has a primary source who has been on GUTS and knows for sure, please, please please tell me.  Until then, I will still search, perhaps in vain, but I will search.

xo kate


  1. I'm not at all embarassed to admit that I've been doing thsi for years, too. I've never seen a listing for one anywhere, $35K or otherwise. When you find one and buy it you should probably hide it from me. I will take it right off your coffee table.

  2. What is the most you would pay? What if it was a piece of the Cragg given to Mo the co-host. What would you pay for that?

  3. I've always wondered what happened to the actual prop the kids got to hold over their heads. A few years ago I made a mini replica and it has sold fairly well on ebay. Take a look if you're interested.