Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Loseday: It was the ghost, in the powderoom, with the balloon.

Sunday morning, I woke up to this balloon hovering over my second floor, private toilet.

It was mocking me, this smug smiley face of goldenrod.

A drunken joke by my roommate? Nope. She got home at 5am and went straight to bed.

And with that, a mystery unraveled before us. I need your help. Here are the facts, gumshoes.

1. No one else had been in the apartment for the 48 hours prior to balloon discovery.

2. Before I went to sleep, the balloon was sitting in the living room, on the first floor of our apartment.

3. There was a window opened in the kitchen--which is just off the living room.

4. There are no windows in direct view of the staircase or my bathroom.

5. I did consider that Finnleigh, a four pound yorkie-poodle, may have been the culprit. But when I brought her in for questioning, I realized she was terrified of the yellow orb. The poor little pup can't even look at the helium infused emoticon.

My theory? The balloon is haunted. Its the most logical explanation I can offer. That, or Moaning Myrtle is living in my lavatory and wanted to play. What are your thoughts?


  1. hahaha creepy!

    I think it's the pup. She's playing you like a fiddle. Give her the Academy Award!

  2. Heat rises up the stairs probably carried the ballon along for the ride... or it could be haunted.