Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ce qui manque aux orateurs en profundeur, ils vous le donnent en longueur.

You are probably wondering why Katie and I have yet to blog about our thoughts and reactions to the Hangover sequel.

This is because we have not seen it yet.

You are thinking: what kind of cockamamie farce of a wolfpack are you gals running over here?

Let me 'splain.

Katie is moving to DC at the end of the month. For her send-off/farewell/good luck/i-hate-you-for-leaving-me party, we are throwing, wait for it, a Red Carpet HANGOVER party.

Here is what will happen.

(1) We will get dressed up.

(2) We will pre-game like we are 23 years old.

23 year old pre-gaming leads to this.

(3) We will sneak adult sodas into the movie theater (only 25 cents more for a large!) and then enjoy the wonder and merriment that is the Hangover sequel.

(4) We will go out for dinner and more drinks and discuss the cinematic merits of the film.

(5) We will then go home.

(6) And wake up with a hangover. (Aren't we clever?)

(7) And then rehydrate our thirst ravaged bodies with one of the following:
a) soda
b) purple stuff
c) sunny d

If you chose (c) Sunny D, you are a loyal member of the wolfpack. The Sunny D will match our moods (not) and sustain us while we piece together the night.

Anyway, that is not happening until mid June.  In the meantime, let us celebrate Hangover hero and wolfpack member and all around hot man, Bradley Cooper, as he speaks French.  I have zero idea what he is saying, but I love it.

Also, here is the translation to the title of this post:

Ce qui manque aux orateurs en profundeur, ils vous le donnent en longueur.
Whatever a speaker is missing in depth he will compensate for in length.

Appropriate, yes?

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  1. That sounds like a fantastic time! The Hangover 2 is hilarious you will laugh and enjoy it along with your adult beverages. I'm a big fan of taking my own snacks and drinks into the movies. I have taken pizza, homemade tiramisu and white wine in a Dasani bottle (it helps to put it in whatever bottles of water your movie theater sells). Have fun wildcats!

    P.S. Watching B Coop speak French...I have no words. Ooh la la?