Sunday, June 12, 2011


Danielle and I just experienced an event that will live in infamy.  They used to rule the world, and they did again last night in Boston.

Yep, the stage rose up. Would you expect
any less?
That's right, wildcats, we were at NKOTBSB at Fenway.

Let me say that again: we saw New Kids and Backstreet perform live at the legendary Fenway Park.

These are some of the highlights:

They sang, they danced, they slip and slided on the runway stage in the pouring rain.  Donnie Wahlberg replaced Jordan Knight as my favorite New Kid.  They showed us the shape of their heart and promised to be loving us forever.

Talk about setting fire to the rain.
They ran out of the dugout in Red Sox outfits as an announcer called the line up.  Marky Mark came out to introduce them.  He talked about introducing NKOTB at their first concert ever, held at the Lee School in Dorchester (where I interned and then worked for 4 years).  It was pride week in Boston, so the Prudential building was lit up in rainbow colors.  At one point Joey McItyre jumped off the stage, fought through the crowd and ran the bases.  It was Boston at it's very best.

Nick Carter had the greatest night of his life.  Naughty By Nature showed up and we hip hop hoorayed.  It rained like nobody's business.

We screamed like 12 year-olds.  I even filmed part of I Want It That Way to send to my best friends from middle school.  They were rightfully jealous.  (You can experience it too, and also my singing in the background.  For the record, I have absolutely no voice today.  And I'm pretty happy about it.)

That's Marky Mark on the screen.
Talking about Dorchester.
No big thing.
The New Kids and Backstreet Boys paired up according to type, Donnie and AJ, Howie and Danny, Brian and Joey, and Nick and Jordan (with Jonny tagged on because Kevin is MIA).  It's nice that they are past the angst of their younger years that forced them to resist being typecast.  Typecasting is fundamental to boy bandism.

I was with great friends, and we had a wonderful time.  As I was watching this concert, full of music that took me right back to my past, overlooking the city that's been my present for the last nine years and standing in a ballpark that is one of my favorite places on earth, all I was thinking was, How could I possible leave? I must be crazy... 

Then for the encore, they sang Hangin' Tough on top of the Green Monster in bedazzled Celtics jerseys holding their kids.  It was one of those moments that you would write in the end of a cheesy movie and it was absolutely perfect for the occasion.

It was at that moment, watching boy bands from days of yore, that I realized, you really can always come home.

How's that for a cheesy movie?

xo kate


  1. I just have to say that I agree on all counts.

    Donnie Walhberg. Where have you been all of my life? I was so silly and foolish when I was 7. Thinking Joey Mac had the right stuff. Now, all I wanna do is hang tough with Donnie D.

    Great post, Kate!

  2. This is awesome! Definitely an epic experience of a lifetime!