Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"You know what's not one of a kind? A twin." -Ross Gellar

Fashion icons in the making.
Confession: I have a weird fascination with the Olsen twins, who turned 25 this week -- marking 25 years in the entertainment industry.  They've been wildly famous since they were six months-old and are the youngest self-made millionaires in history.  Kate-Mary and Ashley have also managed to take maybe the most popular and successful tween brand in history and translate it into two hugely successful high-end adult lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James.  And, in my experience, they are just really easy to root for.

But that's not really want interests me.  I think I'm more into the twin thing.  There are so many young, rich famous people in Hollywood, but there is very rarely a set of two.  Plus, I think that everyone who's not a twin is sort of weirdly interested in twins.  What most it be like to have another person in the world who is exactly like you?  Can they really hear each other's thoughts?  When a set of twins is famous I think it delights us, because it makes it more appropriate to stare and wonder and ask inane questions, since people are always staring at and wondering about and asking inane questions to celebrities anyway.

Embracing all the 90's had to offer.
Also, the fact that MK and Ash seemingly really are together all the time, even as adults, is super interesting to me because it fits into so perfectly with every narrative I have for them in my head. I love when people live up to my expectation.  I saw an episode of Ellen last fall when she asked the twins if they were really together as much as we thought that they were, or if it just seemed that way because they were photographed together and did joint appearances and stuff.  They answered that they were actually together much more than people thought -- from about 9am to midnight every day.  How do they not get sick of each other?  How does it not just drive them crazy that people confuse them all the time?  Maybe when you've made your fortune and career off being one half a whole, you just can't resent it? Maybe it's like a biting the hand that feeds you type thing?  Or maybe they really do like each other a lot.

All grown up.  Still together.  Still rich.
But all this is not the point.  The point isn't the twins, it's who the twins are dating.  Obviously.  This week it was announced that Ashley is hooking up with Justin Timberlake.  (You know I don't approve because I like Justin with Britney.)  So that was weird news.  But then Mary-Kate had to go and outshine Ashley with her own hook up rumors with Kanye West.  I literally don't know if I could conceive of a weirder couple.  I just don't even know what to say about this.  And, like everything about the Olsens, I'm intrigued.  I kind of hope it works out.  (See? They are easy to root for.)

What do you guys think about the twins new beaus?

xo kate

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  1. Kanye and Timberlake? I didn't know anything about this! Talk about odd couple! Not a fan. But, I do love the twins and their incredible fashion line Elizabeth and James. I have close friends who are identical twins and they're so much alike it's crazy! The psych student in me, always wants to do experiments on them. Nothing too crazy, just asking the same questions separately and seeing how similarly they answer. I would love to have twins one day!