Thursday, July 28, 2011

GTL Countdown

Cari amici,

Did you realize that it is only one week until the next season of the Shore?!?

How are you spending the final countdown? Here's my plan:

Today is T time: I received a free sample of Kate Somerville 360-self tanner-wipe-things from my own personal Mecca--Sephora. I plan to try it out on my relatively pale self.   I'll let you know if I turn out looking (a) fresh to death (b) like a piece of pumpkin pie or (c) something in between.

Friday: Working out with my trainer, Joanne. Since my ankle is still swollen and blue, we'll be focusing on my core...aka my situation.  That's right.

Saturday: Laundry by day. Fist pumping by night.

Sunday: Meatballs. Lots of them. At family dinner. With my dad, Vinnie.  And my Grandma, Angelina.  Yes, these are their real names. No, my grandmother is not the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.

Monday: Dinner and vino with a fellow guidette, Signorina DiChiara.

Tuesday: Feast of the Seven Fishes (this traditional Christmas celebration is being broken out several months early for SHARK WEEK...assuming I get the invites out in time...)

Wednesday: Ragu bolognese on spaghetti squash. All covered with cheese.

Thursday: Peeing my pants with excitement.

Until then, I'll be biding my time, working and planning and hoping to be as fresh to death as possible by August 4th.

In the meantime, remember this?  My how far we have come...

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  1. HAHA! This post is awesome Dfest! Love, love, love it! Your countdown is awesome, and you my dear, are always "fresh to death."

    I got a coupon in the mail from ULTA 20% off your entire purchase this Saturday to next.

    Let me know about the Kate Somerville tanning wipes!