Friday, October 14, 2011

This is the kind of thing that ends relationships.

Today I found out something awesome.  My friend, who shall remain nameless but if you ask I'll totally tell you, is an awesome dancer.  So awesome in fact, that she's in movies.  Tonight she told us that she was in the opening scene of High School Musical 2.  Clearly, she is the ultimate wildcat.  Obviously, Ezra and I to immediately rushed home to watch her (luckily I just happen to own HSM2, and 1 and 3).

Unfortunately, this has caused our biggest fight to date.  Ezra claims that Ashley Tisdale is more famous than Vanessa Hudgens (despite the fact that he can't name a single thing she's ever been in besides the HSM movies).  Clearly, Vanessa Hudgens is far more famous, even if it's only because she dated Zac Efron forevs.  But, Ezra is a man (sort of), so he won't back down.  Therefore, I am looking to you all for back up.  Please settle this dispute for us once and for all by voting in the sidebar on our new poll, who is more famous: Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens.

Help us out, wildcats, the fate of our apartment bragging rights depends on it.

xo kate


  1. Off the top of my head, I know that Vanessa sang a bangin version of "Colors of the Wind" on a disney movie music cd. Ashley sang "Kiss the Girl". Both are awesome.

    I think they both put out cds since HSM.

    Ash got a nose job.

    But Vanessa has been in 2 non HSM movies: (1) that weird Beauty and the Beast remake with the Olsen twin that nobody saw and (2) Suckerpunch...which I secretly want to see.

    What has Ash done?

    That is why I voted for Vanessa.

  2. I'm with you and Dfest. Vanessa is clearly more famous. Ashley who?