Sunday, February 12, 2012

From the truth you can't escape, I can tell real from fake

Seeing Brandy and Monica hanging together at the Grammy's just made me want to watch the video for The Boy is Mine.  So that's what I did.  Sometimes it's great being an adult with internet access.

This video debuted in 1998, I was in eighth grade and at the absolute apex of my MTV phase.  One of my favorite conversations to have with friends what about whether we more identified as Brandys or Monicas.  It was like the 1998 version of being a Carrie or a Charlotte, or deciding which Disney character you'd want to officiate your wedding.

I was a Monica, obviously, because she was so cool and cosmopolitan.  You could tell by her icy blue and white decor and that really tall vase off wheat she kept in her living room.  Compared to Monica, Brandy was like a little girl with all her sun-theme bedding and oversized fans.  Even at 13, I knew that I was way too cool for Brandy.  Monica brought a certain gravitas to the role of scorn girlfriend, and you just know it was her idea to catch Mekhi Phifer in the act.  As an eighth grader growing up in rural New Hampshire, I completely identified with Monica's mature, urban chic vibe and her penchant for payback.

Who are you -- a Brandy or a Monica?

xo kate

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