Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's like when I found out Emily and Daniel from Revenge were dating.

Oh, don't worry Gisele, I still hate you.
I kind of love that Kevin Youkilis is marrying Tom Brady's sister.  It like that delighted feeling you get when two actors from the same TV show or movie make it official in real life.  Generally it's difficult for me to get behind couples who have wildly unbalanced levels of attractiveness (this is just one of the many problems I have with the Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen pairing) but there's something so appealing about Youk.  I guess it's sort of like my oldest sister's weird attraction to Tom Petty -- you know he's ugly, but you just can't seem to shake it.  Also, Julie Brady is a teacher!  I'm a teacher!  I love teachers!  (Have you ever noticed how when writers are trying to endear you to teachers they refer to them as schoolteachers? I'm going to start introducing myself as a schoolteacher in order to come off as just slightly more precious.) Moreover, reading all these articles about what incredibly nice and humble people the Brady's are is just beginning to melt my icy heart toward Tom.

Oh, and by the way, I totally don't watch Revenge. That stuff is trash.  (Except that I totally do, and it's e-mazing.  You should watch too.)

xo kate

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