Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dear Danielle

Today you turn thirty.

It's not clear what happens when this all burn out.

You are here...

I miss this view.

...and I am here.

But this one is nice too.

I am currently 443 miles away, but I really would walk the 5 days and 15 hours google tells me it would take to get to you if I could.

And I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more.

I'd buy you some of these...
Bianca is my favorite.
It's the only thing Serena and I have in common.

...make you one of these...

And you know it would be epic.  Once upon a time
I was falling in love, now I'm only falling apart.

...bake you some of these.

Sugar free, of course.
We'd listen to this...

...or this...

...while eating this...

I'd let you get all the flavors cuz it's your birthday. 
...or this...

Probably not homemade on account of the fire.

...or these.

Turns out everyone likes them.

I'd take you here...

To hang with Clooney and the gang.
...or here.
To see Pauly D and Clinton Sparks. 

So we could do this...

I'd make this face the whole time.  I wouldn't get many dates, but you would laugh.

...or this...

Our thighs would totes be that skinny.

...and a little of this...

Bottle service, bitches.

...or even, just this.

My favorite thing to do with you.

I miss you all the time and wish that you would please just move to DC already.  I can't tell you how sad I am that I don't get to celebrate with you today.  This planet has been better off for the last thirty years that you've been on it.  I hope that in my absence you take the time to celebrate fabulous, inspiring, phenomenal you.

And then, do a little of this...

You deserve it.  And you look damn good doing it.

Happy 30th, Ms. Festino.  I love you more than Disney musicals and fancy shoes.

xo kate

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  1. i'm welling up, eating the strawberries you sent me, and thinking back to the time of the pirate club when things were a little easier because...well...we were together.

    xoxo wildcat,