Monday, November 28, 2011

This is radio nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?

I'm breaking my radio silence to announce that I'm not in favor of the Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes coupling.  I know you guys were all reserving your judgment until I issued an official statement, so go ahead and unbait your breath.  I really like Ryan and Eva separately.  And when I say "like" I mean that I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love twice within a 24 hour period last weekend.  And I own Hitch.  I'm just saying.  However, this is a pairing that I just can't get behind.  Not even necessarily just because Noah needs to be with Allie. Forever.

Ryan Gosling seems like kind of cool and outdoorsy, and Eva Mendes seems like an inside girl.  Like someone who goes to a lot of club openings.  Ryan doesn't to clubs, he grows beards.  And makes movies like woah.  (Seriously, he's been in like 27 movies this year.  And I've seen them all.)  Eva and Ryan makes me think of, like, Mary-Kate Olsen and Michael Cera.  They are both totally awesome, but they aren't a couple.  Mary-Kate sells $30K backpacks and Michael Cera was in the Berenstain Bears TV movie.

All that said, her coat is to die for.

xo kate


  1. I couldn't agree more. They are both lovely individuals, but together they curdle. Like Chuck Bass and Vanessa. Blargh.

    But wait, Michael Cera was in the Bernstein Bears movie? I didn't even know one existed.

  2. Vanessa isn't a lovely individual. Bite your tongue, Festino.

  3. Haha love the post and I love the commentary between you two. I don't like this pairing either. It just doesn't sit well with me... Free Ryan!