Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Kate, I'm glad you came.

Oh hey Kate! Happy Birthday!

We may have had a love/hate relationship with Wellesley College, but one thing is for sure: welovetheychuters.  And I'm so glad you came to Wellesley and into my life.  

Thank you for being in my life. Thank you making it better. Thank you for the hummus dates. The Pirate Club.  The Sox games. The Pats passion. The Ups.  And the Downs.  Texts during Gossip Girl.

Listening. Talking. Joking. Laughing. The bump-it.  My weird steering wheel. The Harp. The bench story. Oz.  90210 day.  Camp Cody for Boys. Hating both Peyton Manning and Peyton Sawyer. Lactose intolerance. Planking in Boston. All black Sox caps. The dance move with the foot kick. 

My universe wouldn't be the same.  I'm glad you came.

Happy happy happy Birthday!


  1. I second that emotion, just with less network television and Boston and more MTV and DC. I'm like the poor man's Danielle.

  2. A poor man's Danielle? No way, Jose. You are a rich man's Zac Effron. Or Zac is a poor man's Lauren. You get the point. Either way, I hope I get to meet Zac Effron. Love you.