Saturday, March 3, 2012

The last days of my twenties

I'm turning thirty next week.

Yep. I'm horrified too. And thus, I'm stocking up on retinol, vitamin d, and fish oil.  I'm also hoping to buy that neat meatloaf magic thing, but that is neither here nor there...

A friend told me that now is the time to take pause and reflect on the journey that was my twenties;  I should think about how I've grown, changed, and found my true self.

Hrmph. That sounded dull and cliche, so instead I just putzed around on Facebook and stumbled upon this gem on Melissa's page...

They say that a picture worth a thousand words, and I think this shot, taken around the time of my 21st birthday, sums it alllll up.  Wouldn't you agree?

So let's just crack on, shall we?  Ready or not, thirty--here I come. 


  1. that does not even look like you at all....i don't believe it

  2. Wasn't there another door that said something else. I'm trying to remember but it's not coming back to me.

  3. I think the other door said, "Nor in here."