Friday, April 13, 2012

Just ace it

We're in full test-taking mode here in teacherland, with the DC-CAS starting throughout the city (and, for the very first time, in second grade) on Tuesday.  Although I just generally hate all things test-prep and test-stress related, my school did throw a really fun pep rally this morning to get the students psyched for Tuesday.  It started with all the students in the lower grades lining the hallways to cheer for the testing students as they ran into the auditorium for the pep rally.  Several of my students exclaimed that it was the greatest moment of their life.  Something you learn pretty quickly as a teacher is that second graders speak, nearly exclusively, in hyperbole.  But it was pretty cute.

At any rate, my school is very into student performances, and there's an unspoken competition between teachers about whose class does that best performances.  Fifth grade generally takes it for content, because they are just so much bigger, but the second grade has been known to pull it out as well.  This time, I learned on Wednesday afternoon that my students would be performing on Friday morning, so the pressure was on.  Given my competitive nature and uncanny ability to rewrite pop songs, I decided that my kids would make a music video.  Unfortunately, I couldn't convince the boys that it was completely awesome to do a synchronized dance on video.

xo kate


  1. This is so adorable. You are an amazing songwriter. XOOX!

  2. Troy would be so proud. I know I am. xoxo wildcat.