Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Get this kid a tissue. And some respect.

He is the baddest of them all.  He makes Jay look lazy.  He has made out with every girl in the world. AND...he has 400 mouses.

And I have no words.

Please watch.  Please.

Was your mind just blown? I thought so.

I can guess why KK and his wingman thought that they should be holding guns, but what in the world is with the snot?

No, seriously. What's with the snot?

(Thanks Geoff for sharing this masterpiece.)


  1. Such conflicting emotions . . . amusement, befuddlement, pity, sadness, fear. The gun control lobby should seize this though - makes their case for them.

  2. Noo!! You can't watch the video anymore. I still hadn't seen it.