Friday, August 17, 2012

Boys will come to you yard

I am obsessed with smoothies.

I start almost every day with a freshly whipped delicious and nutritious glass of Shakeology...which you can read about here.  Basically, you can get all of your servings of fruits, vegetables and superfoods in one drink.  Can't hate that.

I just recently started ending my days with a protein packed glass of Promasil, mixed with Amazing Grass Green Superfood.    The protein gives my developing muscles what they need post workout, and the amazing grass works to alkalinize my body and pH.  

Side note:  I can't pronounce alkalinize to save my life. I'm honestly not sure if I'm even spelling it properly.

I almost always add a teaspoon of ch-ch-ch-chia seeds.  Not only do they fill me up, but they also deliver fiber, protein, and omegas.  (Oh my.)  

Also, its creepy and fun to watch them absorb 9x their weight in water. I fill like friggin Bill Nye the Science Guy.

I include berries no matter what.  You should too.  Yes, that is a threat.  Just do it.  They have antioxidants.  No one really knows that means, but we know its good.  K?

And some unsweetened almond milk gives it a really smooth finish that my delicate pallet really appreciates. 

Do you drink smoothies?  What are some of your staples and tricks?

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