Monday, September 10, 2012

In the wolfpack: Psy

By now, you have seen the amazing Gangnam Style video by K-Pop artist, Psy.

If not, drop everything you are doing and watch it now. Right now.  Cause this guy is on fire.  This guy is in the wolfpack.

Can't understand what is happening?  Are you so completely mesmerized by the hip shaking, hot tub drownings, horses and subway romances that you can't at all understand the point of the joyous video?  Yea, me too. 

According to ABC news, the repetitive chorus is "Oppan Gangnam Style", which means "Girls, your big brother is Gangnam Style."

"Gangnam means, it's like Beverly Hills of Korea," Psy told ABC News last month. "But the guy doesn't look like Beverly Hills. Dance doesn't look like Beverly Hills. ... And the situation in music video doesn't look like Beverly Hills. But he keeps saying, 'I'm Beverly Hills style.' So that's the point. It's sort of a twist."

Ahhhh.  It all makes sense now.  I'm going to go watch it 72 more times.  

Read the full ABC News article here.

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