Monday, January 24, 2011

Good day, Sunshine

Some much needed random cheer
on a very cold Boston Blue Monday.

(1) Home-made Bolognese sauce
(via jennystefinshobick.tumblr)

(2) a little romance
(via theindiehippie.tumblr)

(3) blueberry jam
(via whatkateate)

(4) louboutin dreams

(5) it is almost Groundhog Day,
which means it is almost spring,
which means we'll be at the beach before you know it.
(via marieclaireroman.tumblr)

(6) boys in seersucker
(via bippityboppityboo.tumblr)

(7) reading the same book(s) over and over
(via southseas.tumblr)

(8) laying with your food
(via cayennekisses.tumblr)

(9) Gossip Girl, which is back tonight.
"In the end, love makes everything better." ~Blair Waldorf

(10) And of course, spending time with your wolfpack.

If you can't seem to shake the effects of Blue Monday, then check out this website . I stumbled across it when I reading one of my favorite blogs,
Smart Pretty and Awkward ,
which always brings a smile to face.

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