Friday, March 25, 2011

GTL: This guy is tall.....I'm gonna call you, "Tree".

Sorry for the lack of GTL sheninagnas yesterday, wildcats, but alas, my computer has a virus and it is seriously affecting my ability to blog about guidos.

Did you see the Jersey Shore finale? These were a few of my quick thoughts:

1. Sammi and Ron are done? I'll believe it when I see it. They are such sick and twisted magnets of hate for each other. Two words to sum it up: bad romance.

2. JWoww and Roger are official? One word to sum it up: adorbs.

3. In the case of Vinnie vs. Dina re: cockblocking, I side with Dina. Being a good wing-women is one thing; pissing off a one, Snooki Nicole, is a whole other jar of pickles. Hos over Bros, Vinnie. Hos over Bros.

4. As my best friend Kelly said, "Pauly D is the unsung hero of this season."

5. Mike loves to cause problems and then disingenuously apologize about the way he handled it. We see right through you, Mike, and it is not cute.

6. I want a grilled cheese.

7. I want Pauly D to be my date at Sunday Dinner.

Did you see the finale? What were your thoughts? And how did you feel about the entire third season? Predictions for their trip to Italy?

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