Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ode to Euclid

A pack member and colleague of mine (let's call him Ernest) fancies himself something of a stylist. Because he is also a bio-engineer (neuro/cardio tissue engineering to be exact) as well as a captain in the US Army, he brings a unique perspective to outfit composition that I think you guys will enjoy. In short, Ernest's rules of style are brilliant. And logical. And mathematical?

The basis of his fashion mantra includes 3 main components: the color red, high heels, and euclidean angles.I am guessing that right about now your brain is organizing that statement in the following way:

1. Red: hot
2. Heels: ouch
3. Euclidean angles: wtf?

Donworryaboutit. I didn't get it at first either. I couldn't even remember who Euclid was. Here is the 411 on this international man of mathematical mystery also known as Euclid.

a. He lived in Greece around 300BC.

b. He is known as the father of geometry.

c. He wrote a bunch of papers on perspective, number theory, conic geometry, optics and axioms that were mostly boring and caused you angst in 10th grade math class.

d. He wrote: "Things seen under a greater angle appear greater, and those under a lesser angle less, while those under equal angles appear equal."

Yea, I don't get that last part either.

Lucky for us, Ernest DOES that get part, and he tells me that this is why we need to try to incorporate layers of clothing that create crisp, clean angles across our body. V-necks are an easy way to accomplish this subconscious-mind-pleasing effect. A-line skirts are another. Belts and both natural and dropped waists obviously support the cause as well. The more angles, the better; they attract the eye and please the brain.

Angles. Math. Science. Fashion. It seems so simple and obvious and DUH! So why is no one talking about it?

Things Ernest wants you to avoid: ruffles, clothing with no shape, rounded boatnecks, potato sacks, flat shoes, too much beige and too much black. Rachel's dress below probably made Ernest roll his eyes and Euclid roll over in his Grecian grave.

Now, Ernest and I are not saying these are hard and fast rules. We cannot and should not avoid ruffles and beige and boatnecks for the rest of eternity. Everything in moderation. Kind of like prosciutto and fried chicken. That said, when you get dressed tomorrow morning, take a look in the mirror and count your angles and ask yourself: am i looking euclidean today?

Anywho, with Ernest's neuro-mathematical rules fresh in my mind, I've put together the following outfit, to not only illustrate how effective his style rules can be, but also as a submission to Jess LC's Design Your Look competition.

Backstory: Jess LC is not only one of my favorite daily reads, but also one of my favorite jewelry designers. I bought one of her armitage necklaces a few months ago and have not taken it off since; it has become a part of daily style.

Jess is hosting an outfit design competition, and here is my submission:

Ode to Euclid

You'll notice that I incorporated all of Ernest's rules to style into this one baller outfit. Pops of red lace through the accessories and cosmetics, angles are apparent on both the simple-yet-fem dress and blazer combination. The belt accentuates the waist and adds definition. And the heels---eek--the heels are high enough to hurt, but hot enough to smoke. Bam.

I hope I made Ernest--and the long dead Euclid--proud.

I am especially in love with this outfit (and hope you are too) because I think it has the potential to transition from work to happy hour to a date or night on the town. I think the dress just screams spring fling. But maybe that is just me?

What do you think about Ernest's application of Euclid to the fashion world? Crazy or crazy awesome? What would Stacey and Clint say? And what do you think of my outfit? Will you vote for me next week?

675 GBP -

Diane von Furstenberg slouch dress
$585 -

Logo bag
$395 -

Kate Spade glass shade
$138 -

Dorothy Perkins tan belt
5 GBP -

Lipgloss Stick in Ablaze
$16 -


  1. Gorgeous! Perfect for spring, I'm in love with that bag like WHOA.

  2. You certainly made Euclid proud in my book! I'm so happy the DYL Challenge led me to your beautiful blog--and showed me your incredible sense of style. I simply cannot get enough of the nude+red combo you pulled together perfectly in this outfit! I love love love that dress!

    If you want another chance to showcase your impeccable style, you should join in my Friday’s Fancies link-up! It's a fabulous way to find other bloggers too :) Though I can't promise $200, I can promise an extra entry this week in my {ode to france giveaway}!

    Hope you'll consider joining in the fun--and that you have a fabulous week! xoxo {av}