Thursday, July 21, 2011

JTL Thursday: It's Justin, Bitch.

Nope, that is not a typo. Yes, that is a in JTL--Justin Timberlake Love.

See what I did there?

This man is ahhhmazing, as I previously mentioned here.  Is there anything he has touched that hasn't been pure friggin GOLD? I thought not.  Shall I count the ways? Gladly.  Here is a baker's dozen of examples.

1. The Mouse Club
2. Tearin Up My Heart
3. Bye Bye Bye
4. Dirty Pop
5. Justified. (the entire album)
5b. Cry Me a River video where he friggin owns Brit's infidelity
6. His episode of Punk'd where he breaks down crying
7. Omeletteville
8. Dick in a Box
9. We're the dancers
10. The Napster kid in the Facebook movie
11. Friends with Benefits (even if it is a No Strings Attached remix, it looks great.  Besides, the remix is always better.)
12. Ayo Technology
13. ...oh, and he's also HOT. Like smokin hot.

And did I mention the rap? I love when he raps. Especially with Jimmy Fallon.  (Part 2 is my favorite.)

Note: this post was inspired by Miss Kelly Hodgdon. Thanks, Bones.

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha this post is hilarious! I like JT too, LOVED Cry Me a River, did you see him in Bad Teacher yet? It was painful to watch him be such a tool. I don't think he's necessarily my type, but he is definitely talented. Are you going to see Friends With Benefits?

    Part 2 of the videos was my fave too.

    Him in that leotard and heels with Beyonce still cracks me the hell up.