Monday, August 22, 2011

Correspondence: I am my hair.

Dear Dry Bar,

Please move to Boston so we can be bffs.  I'll introduce you to all of my other friends and you'll never want for company.

Do you remember me from Dallas?   Here is what I looked like before we met:

Look at those sad, life-less locks.

And here is the magic moment when we bonded over a fizzy glass of champagne, rom coms on the big screen, and a perfectly cosmopolitan blowout by the lovely Amanda.

And check me out after...that shine!  The bounce!

It is clear we are meant to be together.  I don't want to live without you anymore.  Pretty please.

Hugs and kisses,

Not familiar with The Dry Bar?  Check out the full details on their website, or read Brebeauty's write up of the mechanics of this brilliant and luxurious blow dry experience.


  1. Dfest your hair is to die for! You look amazing! So glad you had an awesome time getting "blown." I swear they put mood elevators in the champagne or somehow during the shampoo...either way its fabulous! We should meet up in NYC next month for their debut!

  2. When is the launch? I am soooooooo in!