Sunday, August 21, 2011

Deep in the heart of Texas

So I'm back from the Big D and here is my report!

  1. Take advantage of Dallas Restaurant Week 
    Chicken Fried Steak at Tillmans?  Crab cakes at the Dallas Chop House?  Yes, please.  Food comas could not be avoided.
  2. Make appointments at the Dry Bar 
    A truly ahmazing experience.  More on this later.

  3. Visit the 6th Floor Museum 
    An hour at the Texas School Book Depository (Chronicles the legacy and assassination of JFK) was the only touristy activity of the trip--and very worth it. I recommend the 30 minute audio tour that allows you to quietly remember the presidency of John F.Kennedy.  Also, the lady running the front desk called me "sugar" 11 times in 2 minutes.  Loved it.

  4. Enjoy the Heat wave 
    107 degrees at 3PM on a rooftop pool.  Might sound hellish.  But actually not a big deal if you have spf 30, an engrossing book (The Hunger Games), and a steady flow of ice water and salted nuts from the helpful and kind staff of the Fairmont Hotel.
  5. Figure out who shot JR 
    It was Kristin.  Total brat.  And JR decided to not press charges since he was her baby daddy. Pfft. (
  6. Lightly stalk the castmates of Most Eligible Dallas. 
    I did pass by Teddy's Room.  But I didn't see the cast of the new Bravo shows.  Not a one.  I'm not a very good stalker.  
We also visited the historic West End, had drinks at Reunion Tower, and sampled the most ahmazing fried pickles at Gator's.   

Have you been to Dallas?  Seen Most Eligible Dallas?  Thoughts?

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  1. I have never been to Dallas, but it sounds like you had an awesome trip! I am a fan of fried pickles and blowouts so clearly, a visit is in order. I did watch MED and I have mixed thoughts. Aside from the boredom and their entitled ways, I was somewhat entertained. I do love Courtney's style, have you checked out her tumblr yet?