Thursday, August 4, 2011

GTLive: Passports are here.

First thoughts:

First and foremost: why are Pauly D and I NOT engaged?

Is Snooki's boyfriend kinda cute?  Yea, I think he is.  Good bone structure.

I'm loving this passport montage.  I love all montages.

Il taxi e' arrivato.  Niiiiiiiiiiiice language skills, my dude.

Kelly and I agree: we don't recognize Vinny with this facial hair.

Just so we are clear:  Snooki going to Italy for 6 weeks does not constitute a long term relationship.

Is it just me, or did JWoww lose 20 pounds and get a nose job and new makeup and new hair?

Single Ronnie?  Awesome.  I love single Ronnie.

Why is Sammi still on the show?   She is the sweetest bitch I wish I never met.

I love when Vinnie's family cooks.  Reminds me of home.

Dina's dad is a total silver fox.

Wait...are the girls and guys NOT on the same flight?

Commercial break.

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