Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where the wildcats are: Dallas

Guys--I'm off to the Big D for a few days.

My plan:
  1. Take advantage of Dallas Restaurant Week
  2. Make appointments at the Dry Bar
  3. Visit the 6th Floor Museum
  4. Enjoy the Heat wave
  5. Figure out who shot JR
  6. Lightly stalk the castmates of Most Eligible Dallas.
I'll report back!


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  2. I can help with this. It was Crystal, Sue Ellen's sister, that shot JR. I didn't even have to Google that because I remember watching the episode where it was revealed. In other non-news, I am old. Have a great time!!

  3. Have an awesome trip, Dfest! What do you think of the castmates of Most Eligible Dallas? I think you should make a cameo at Teddy's and report back. Which lipstick will also be making their big D debut? Enjoy yourself! :)