Thursday, October 27, 2011


I usually quit diabetus on major holidays. On Christmas, I like to decorate cookies and then house them. On Thanksgiving, I am a stuffing addict. I take "gobble gobble" to another level. It ain't pretty.

And on Halloween, I quit diabetus for candy. Chocolate candy. With caramel. Or peanut butter. Or nougat.

I don't know what nougat is, but I effing love it. I love it.

But I hate diabetus.

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  1. Ooh I know this one! Only because I watched Giada make it today! Nougat is made like caramel except you add honey to it and then later egg whites.

    I love me some Halloween candy. It is infinitely superior to non holiday candy. Bottom line. And the "fun size" leads me to believe it's less fattening...but my logic is flawed seeing as how I will eat a few. I can't quit it.