Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon, and I'm aiming right at you.

After missing so many important birthdays (Alan Thicke - for shame!) there's one birthday I can remember.  That's right, today is my boy Eminem's 39th birthday.  Yep, 39.  Something people forget about Eminem is that all of his success began after he was twenty-five, something that is so rare in the Bieber-era.  Luckily Jay-Z has made rapping after the age of 40 awesome, so I don't have to worry about Marshall's final year of the thirties being his final year of rapping.  I hope that day never comes.

I've written a lot about Eminem in this space, so I won't bored you again with what an amazing artist he is (you can click the Eminem tag at right to remember that), but just say that in a world where most of us are just trying to find a way to matter, Eminem's music has mattered to me.  It has been a constant in my life for over 10 years, and helped me to make friends (LB, that's you) and enemies (at least briefly).  If you've still not tried it, I hope you do.

I'll leave you with his latest.  Enjoy.

xo katie


  1. I cant believe Eminem is 39, I feel old :-P he is still awesome. Talent is ageless!

  2. You and Em are among my heroes. Love, love, love.