Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.

One hot August day, my purse started singing the tarantella. I frantically dug through my knock-off Longchamp as to not miss my mom's call.  Success.  Here is a snippet from the conversation:

Mum: Danya?

Me: Yes.

Mum: Rufus is half human.

Me: Huh?  I thought he was half Jack Russell.

Mum: Wait, wait...let me explain: he loves listening to Edward play the piano.

Me: We don't have a piano.

Mum: I know that. But Edward does.

Me: Who is Edward?

Mum: Edward Cullen! The vampire! I'm watching Twilight.  Rufus is fixated on the film right now.  He loves watching Edward play.

Me: Well, he does have very refined taste, I suppose.

Mum: Wait til you see it.  I dvr-ed the movie.  Put it on the next time you are here.

So I did exactly that.

Turns out...she was right.  So long as Edward is on the screen, he won't look away...


  1. haha this is awesome! Rufus clearly has excellent taste. #TeamEdward