Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All grown up

When did this happen?
So, we're big Zac Efron fans hear at W&W (but if you've ever clicked on the "About Us" tab, you already knew that).  We love the High School Musical movies, we were totally enchanted with his teenage dream romance with co-star Vanessa Hudgens, and even loved his freaky Friday-style comedy 17 Again.  (And maybe I've watched Charlie St. Cloud once or four times on HBO.)  But we had our limits, Zac Attac was a cute kid with a fantastic voice, but he wasn't a sex symbol.  However, I got over that in a hurry last week.  My sister and I went to see New Year's Eve, which was exactly as bad as all the critics said, with Zac Efron as the sole bright spot in an extremely accomplished cast. (And, while we're hovering around the subject, how the fuck did Hillary Swank win two Oscars?)  But my attitude about Mr. Efron changed before the movie even started, when I saw the preview for the new Nicholas Sparks drama, The Lucky One.  When did this Disney star get so hot?  I feel like I should be arrested for even writing that, but seriously, watch the preview.

I guess Troy Bolton is all grown up.  Eat your heart out, Vanessa Hudgens.

xo kate


  1. i just teared watching that preview....who doesn't love a good N.Sparks book turned movie...when can we go see it???