Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Greatest Hits: And the seventh thing I hate the most about you - you make me love you.

Wait Kate, that's not you!  True, but this picture of D and JG
is the 12th hit when you google "puss n boots aggro crag."
Who says this blog isn't doing anything?
So, you may remember (and if you know me you definitely do remember, because I force you to constantly) that Danielle and I won an award.  It was an exciting day.  Nearly as exciting for me as the day Eminem won his Oscar.  In order to accept our award, given by the incomparable Bre of BreBeauty, Danielle and I had to share seven random facts about ourselves.  The resulting string of posts revealed some funny, interesting and really weird tidbits about our lives as wildcats.  This was an especially fun series of posts for me because I learned things about Ms. Festino that I haven't learned over the course of our friendship.  I guess we just don't talk about Puss N Boots very often.  For good reason, apparently.

Enjoy this, somewhat disturbing, look into our lives again here.

xo kate

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