Sunday, January 8, 2012

She's finally here!

Babyonce arrive this morning.  Reports put her name as either Ivy Blue Carter or Blue Ivy Carter.  Some combination of plant and color.  I'm not sure what was wrong with Jayonce... Beyonce used the name Ingrid Carter to rent a floor of a New York hospital on Saturday night.  Confirmation seemingly came from Rihanna tweeting about it.

At any rate, I just can't wait to see her in cute dresses hanging out with Harper Beckham and talking about how their parents are cooler than other kid's.

xo kate


  1. haha I can't wait to see her awesome outfits either! I'm sure she will be BFF with Gwyneth's kids too.

  2. Has anyone started a BlueIvyCarter twitter account yet? Lets get on that.