Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I want to waste my time with you.

There's some people you just know you'd have a good time with.
When I think about who I want to waste my time with, it's usually a pretty short list.  Like, okay, friends and family whatever whatever.  Then it's basically Chuck and Blair (either on a shopping spree or a scam), Zac Efron (in the middle of a dance number), Will Ferrell (anywhere and everywhere), Barack and Michelle (just kickin' it), Eminem (I really, truly believe that we would be best friends) and Ye and Jay (in the studio, dropping beats).

Luckily for me, some amazingly simplistic video game developer made it possible for me to waste loads of time keeping Kanye out of the zone.  Anyone who knows me knows that I loath video games and computer games.  It's not that I think they are a waste of time or money or whatever. (With my online shopping habit I know better than to judge people who waste time and money on their computers.)  It's mostly just that I don't find them entertaining in the least.  When other people do, I tend to feel left out.  It's like a big inside joke that I'm not in on.  This game, however, offers a simple, almost naive approach to gaming.  It's like a modern day Snood.  And that's something that I can get behind.  So, go ahead, wildcats, waste your time with Mr. West in Kanye Zone.

xo kate

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