Monday, September 3, 2012

Not in the pack: Dancing rodents

Charles, Eric, Juice and I finally went to see TED. It was pretty good. Mark Walhberg is pretty enjoyable and Peter Griffin is always a good time. Anyway...during the before-the-previews-commercial, we saw the new 2013 Kia ad.

Me: Ughhh. I hate these rats. So does Rufus.
Charles: They aren't rats; they are hamsters.
Me: Whatever. These rodents are ridiculous. Whose idea was it to use hip hop hamsters to sell automobiles?
Charles: I don't know. But its not like I'm likely to believe a hamster.  This guy has zero credibility.  I mean, what does he really know? He spends most of his time in a wheel. He doesn't know anything about cars.
Me:  Right?

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