Thursday, April 28, 2011

Need More Mullins...

Tonight is Steve Carrell's last episode of The Office.  It's a sad night, and I'm thankful that I have the upcoming royal wedding to distract me (live blogging starts at 5:00am EST).  The sappy part of me is really glad that Michael found Holly, but the part of me that likes funny things really doesn't want him to leave the show.  Through the years he's given us laugher and tears (well, probably not real tears, but, you know, choked up), classic lines and more vicarious embarrassment than we'd ever imagined possible.  But, above all, he's been a teacher.  Teaching us the ways of the world and the ways of The Office.

Here are my favorite lessons:

Where to shop

The dangerous legacy of historic racism in America

How to Succeed in Business


Good luck in Colorado, Michael!  We'll miss you!

xo kate

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  1. haha this is awesome! Michael Scott's greatest hits. World's.Best.Boss.

    I'm in a state of self imposed denial, pretending it's not happening. Thank God for reruns and syndication! I still can't talk about the end of Friends and Will & Grace...