Sunday, May 1, 2011

He's from New Hampshire!

I'm not going to lie to you, it feels pretty weird to be writing about something that is not the royal wedding. Regular life is so much worse than a fancy-pants wedding across the pond.  It's like coming home after a great vacation.  Oh, well.  I did try to recapture the magic by watching the William and Kate Lifetime movie.  They really took some liberties with the phase "based on a true story" with that one.  (Look at that, I did manage to make this about the royal wedding.  It's like I have a special skill or something.  Is there a way to make that my full-time job?)

At any rate, I actually meant for this to be about Seth Meyers at the White House correspondents dinner.  He was super funny, taking digs at Joe Biden, John Kyl, President Obama and, of course, Donald Trump.  Meyers' performance was relevant and stayed pretty appropriate as far as these things go.  Although The Donald definitely did not appreciate it.  Does he think laughing isn't presidential? Maybe he should have thought about what was and wasn't presidential when he was hosting Wrestle Mania, not voting in 20-plus years, hocking vitamins on late night TV, or mediating fights between Meatloaf and Gary Bussey.

I've always thought that Seth Meyers was funny, although I've been disappointed by SNL during his run as head writer, perhaps most importantly though, Seth Meyers is from New Hampshire.  And I love people from New Hampshire.

President Obama's speech was also funny, particularly the part where he releases his birth video.  One of the things that I've always really liked about the President is his sense of humor and his ability to make fun of himself and the ridiculousness that sometimes surrounds him.



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  1. Loved both speeches! And Trump's non reaction. Lame.