Monday, February 6, 2012

“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

So, my team lost the Superbowl.  To New York.  To a Manning. (And you know how I feel about that family.) Again.

Currently I'm about 22 hours into my self-allowed one week of misery after every tough loss.  In other words, I'm in the thick of it and my students can tell you, it isn't pretty.  Also, I slept for about an hour and a half last night and had to teach second grade for nine hours today.  So, it was not. a. good. day.

This afternoon, though, it got a little bit better when I saw this photo.  These are the crowds of people standing in the cold at Gillette to welcome the team home from the Superbowl today.  I'm proud to be part of a fan base that welcomes their team home, win or lose.  No matter how far away I live, I'll always be a New England girl.

xo kate

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  1. Damn straight.

    Here are my contributions.

    Because it is true:

    Because it is good to know you are not alone:

    Because I like to think this is what always happens after my teams lose:

    Because every time I hear this song it reminds me how I love our city:

    Because hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies: