Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GTL Thursday: It is not over til it over.

By now you have heard that Italian officials have smushed Jersey Shore filming in the old country. And I'm not talking about the sexytime version of smush.  I'm talking stop

Prevent. Finito. Mai. Fine. 

By now you are pretty upset.  Crying into your spaghetti. Unmotivated by a doppio espresso.  Pale despite your self-tanner.  You can't even drag yourself to the gym.   If you are melodramatic like me, you are listening to Mika's Happy Ending on repeat.  And blaming it all on Berlusconi.  Non ti preoccupare.  I have good news.

President Giorgio Napolitano

According to the Wall Street Journal's Blog, Speakeasy, the filming was only delayed "due to logistical problems stemming from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano’s visit to the city."  

Production will begin within a week--once the President's visit comes to an end. 

Forza Italia!  
Read the full article on Speakeasy, here.

And then put away your sad dirge music and listen to this instead:

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  1. haha I didn't even hear that Italy (got some sense) and put a stop to it. This post makes me sad. I was up, and then I came back down haha

    Your "pale despite your self tanner" made me laugh. And reminded me that I need to self tan!