Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Loving and Lusting: Jess LC Bags

Confession:  I used to be an impulse shopper.  I never quite reached the levels of The Girl in the Green Scarf, but I had my share of inappropriate retail therapy moments; they usually went something like this...

Oooh pretty. Shiney. New.
Me likey. 
 Cha Ching.

I am, however, reformed.

Over the past few years, I have evolved into a very careful and thoughtful spender. I make wishlists.  I read reviews. I seek out knock-offs and imitation pieces. I scour sale pages and clearance racks. I wait and contemplate big ticket items for 3 days (sometimes more) before I fork over the dough.

I should mention that I have revised my definition of "big ticket item" to mean: items over $40.

This has led to more dollars in the bank, decreasing student loan totals, and wouldn't you know it, a more cohesive wardrobe that better expresses my personal style.

The quick thrill of an impulse buy has been replaced with the steadfast pleasure of knowing that I made a wise (and fun!) decision for not only my closet, but also my ING account.

With this is mind, I thought I would share with you an item that I am currently loving and lusting: a piece from Jess LC's new  Lake Shore bag line.

I have been lusting over this little piece of heaven since the Lake Shore line launched earlier this month, and I have decided to commit. I am convinced that this is the perfect spring tote.  It is large enough to come to work with me.  It is stylish enough to accompany me on a date, and yet relaxed enough for a Saturday full of errands.   What do you think? 

See the entire Lake Shore line here:


  1. love love love that bag!!!!

  2. Oh! Thank you so much! To know that you are this excited in the same ways that I'm excited about the bag - and also about quality over quantity of stuff, means a lot! :)

  3. oh d, i might impulse buy this right now! the only good thing about us not living in the same city is going to be that we can buy the same stuff! <3

  4. Cute bag!!! Definitely get it, it's adorable as it is practical. Can't beat that with a stick. This is not an impulse buy, it's necessity. Enjoy, and post pics!